Numerous publications have been of assistance to me in my Mexican explorations and in the descriptive portion of this site. The essays, or squibs of text, which accompany the images are my efforts to best describe the respective structures. They are based on my accumulated, though highly inchoate, knowledge of architecture. I have often added quotations from some of the expert sources cited below to best delineate certain architectural or historical points.

Indispensable to me, both in terms of dating, if not actually locating, buildings has been the Mexico Blue Book which I carry with me every time I visit that country. According to the publisher’s notation the portion of the book devoted to the art and architecture of Viceregal Mexico has been compiled by John Collis. Whoever and wherever Mr. Collis is, clearly he is both exceedingly well traveled and prepared on the subject. My efforts to communicate with him have thus far been unsuccessful.

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